Smart Thermostats – are they worth the money and effort to install

Posting Date: January 16, 2017

One of the best and simplest ways to cut your bills is by installing a programmable thermostat in your home. In fact, the EPA estimates that you can save up to $180 every year just by installing one and using it effectively.

But what about “Smart Thermostats”? Are they worth the time, money and effort to install? Let’s take a look.

In general, thermostats operate as a control panel for your HVAC system, allowing you to control temperature. With a programmable thermostat, you can use a timer to set temperature to change at certain times of the day – when you’re not home, for example.

But smart thermostats up the ante by “learning” your behaviors, and giving you unprecedented capabilities to control your heating and cooling systems remotely. Imagine being able to crank the AC up hours before you arrive home so it’s nice and cool when you arrive – or avoiding the incredible hassle and dangers of frozen pipes when an unexpected cold front moves in near your vacation home – all from your cel phone.

Some smart thermostats are so smart they’ll even tell you how long it will take to make the temperature change you’ve requested. Others will take into account household humidity and other ambient conditions so you’ll be as comfortable as possible in any season.

The bottom line: a smart thermostat – installed by our team of professionals – is a simple and extremely convenient way to manage the climate of your home and save money in the process. They’ll pay for themselves in as little as a couple of years, especially if you use your AC a lot – and they’ll give you more control than ever over how you heat and cool your home.

Lower your bills and control your home heating and cooling from anywhere, any time! Contact us today to see if a smart thermostat is right for your home!