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Increase Home Value with a BFS Home Warranty!

Attention Realtors®: Our residential protection helps homes sell first and for asking price.

In this highly competitive real estate market where everyone is struggling to move homes, certified home warranty protection from BFS Home Warranty can help your customers’ houses stand apart.

You can sell potential new buyers on the added peace of mind that the equipment (and even swimming pools or spas!) that comes with their home purchase is protected against expensive emergency repair or replacement. And you can point out that, in a head-to-head comparison with another home under consideration, only yours offers that protection.

Talk about the merits of increasing home value with a BFS Home Warranty with your sellers. We're sure that they will agree that buying BFS Home Warranty protection is a value-added step toward getting – or even increasing – any home’s asking price.

Three Ways You Can Get Started:

  1. Download Brochure
    You can read more about warranty coverage specifics or provide it to your clients.
  2. Order a BFS Home Warranty
    You can help your clients get the coverage process underway right now!
  3. Contact Your Local Sales Rep (800)237-9910
    We'll help you understand the key selling points to say to your clients.

Join our growing Realtors® and home sellers in 18 locations across Florida, Texas, Arizona and Nevada. Increase any home’s sales potential by calling BFS Home Warranty today.

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