Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

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Improve your indoor air quality with new technology.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency the average American spends 90% of his or her time indoors. Insulating a home to keep in cool or heated can trap pollutants and airborne impurities inside. People are surprised to learn that the quality of the air inside their home can be more polluted than outdoor air.

In our hot and humid climate, air conditioners are run for months at a time without ever opening windows or doors for fresh air. This enables indoor pollutants to accumulate to unacceptable levels. Having pets, carpets or someone in the home that smokes increases the risk for consequences of poor indoor air quality. Indoor air pollutants are found in a variety of sources including paints, cleaning products, furniture and floor coverings. Improperly maintained air conditioning and heating equipment can add to the problem as they can be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, viruses and germs which can get circulated through your home in a short amount of time.

The American College of Allergists found that up to half of all illnesses are caused or aggravated by indoor air pollution. The U.S. Department of Consumer Affairs reports that children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to health problem associated with polluted indoor air. On a daily basis, Americans are exposed to plenty of unstable environments and toxic substances that can have adverse health effects.

So how do you purify the indoor air in your home? What works and what doesn’t work to keep the quality of the air in your home at healthy levels?

There are companies that offer duct cleaning or duct sanitization services along with passive electrostatic air purifiers that do little to improve air quality. Some methods can cause more problems; people have seen increased respiratory tract issues and breathing difficulties increase when using ozone generating air cleaners.

We have found one of the best ways to get cleaner air in your home is by using ultraviolet (UV) light air purifiers to safely kill harmful germs and bacteria. The UV light recreates the natural effects of the sun’s rays, sanitizing the air, lowering the levels of bacteria, mold spores and viruses in the air inside your home.

Installing UV lights in an HVAC System is a cost effective way to address indoor air quality. For maximum results we recommend combining a UV air purifier with a high-efficiency air filtration system to capture dust and other airborne particles.

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