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Heat pumps for house and pools (including auxiliary ground, air, or water)

A heat pump is an energy-efficient air conditioning option for climates with only moderate air conditioning requirements.

How a heat pump works

The unit pumps heat out of your home (hence the name) and into the outside air. By moving the warm inside air outdoors, your home feels cooler. And in moderately cooler seasons, when your home can actually be colder inside that it is outside, a reversible-cycle heat pump allows warmer outdoor area to be pumped in.

Many heat pumps use a natural source of warmth to augment its indoor heating capabilities. Because ground and water can be warmer than surface air at certain depths, we often place censors in either location to use as heat sources.

The result is a climate-stabilized home for a lower price than some other alternatives and with higher efficiency — since heat pumps typically provide up to four times the amount of energy than they consume.

If you suspect that your system isn’t performing as well as it should, we recommend that you schedule a repair. Better yet, you can keep your system operating at top efficiency with an annual tune-up.

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Great for a pool too!

If you have a swimming pool, you should know that a heat pump can be used to control water temperature there as well.

We’re the heat pump experts, and can help you affordably and effectively control the temperature of your home or pool using this natural heat control system.

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